duminică, 23 ianuarie 2011

Wednesday subway ride to work

Let the Devil out
Rollins Band
Comments: Rollins Band does Van Halen, poorly.

Sub Pop 7" Singles Club
Comments: Fugazi's entrant into the Sub Pop singles club is not interesting or challenging.

Black Flag
Loose Nut
Comments: Probably the best song off Loose Nut. The short uneven album came at the end of Black Flag. Still this song about descent into isolation and depression is prophetic.

Vikings Daughter
Comments: The other Detroit super group of 2006. There is something about this track that reminds me of the Dukes of the Stratosphear. One thing about the song is that it is the most straight forward rock song on the album. The sound effects are kept to a minimum.

Ted Leo/ Pharmacists
The Tyranny of Distance
Comments: What a great intro. Building on the vocals and a simple riff, the music grows. Though the cello/ violin in the middle of the song is a bit much.

Swamp Gal
The Nomads
Comments: The Nomads do The Cramps, very well.

Strangler of Boston Town
Thee Headcoats
Beached Earls
Comments: The Wanderer reworked, not very good. Billy also sounds uncannily like Elvis at moments on this song.

Son of a Gun
The Vaselines
The Way of the Vaselines
Comments: Kurt Cobain's favorite band. Something tells me that guy had good taste. A lot of the Vaselines songs are littered with blatant sexual innuendo or reference. This is devoid of any of this.

Fool Like Me
King Khan And His Shrines
Three Hairs and Your Mine
Comments: King Khan does 60's soul better than anyone these days. Then again he is also the only one doing soul these days.