duminică, 23 ianuarie 2011

Wednesday subway ride to work

Let the Devil out
Rollins Band
Comments: Rollins Band does Van Halen, poorly.

Sub Pop 7" Singles Club
Comments: Fugazi's entrant into the Sub Pop singles club is not interesting or challenging.

Black Flag
Loose Nut
Comments: Probably the best song off Loose Nut. The short uneven album came at the end of Black Flag. Still this song about descent into isolation and depression is prophetic.

Vikings Daughter
Comments: The other Detroit super group of 2006. There is something about this track that reminds me of the Dukes of the Stratosphear. One thing about the song is that it is the most straight forward rock song on the album. The sound effects are kept to a minimum.

Ted Leo/ Pharmacists
The Tyranny of Distance
Comments: What a great intro. Building on the vocals and a simple riff, the music grows. Though the cello/ violin in the middle of the song is a bit much.

Swamp Gal
The Nomads
Comments: The Nomads do The Cramps, very well.

Strangler of Boston Town
Thee Headcoats
Beached Earls
Comments: The Wanderer reworked, not very good. Billy also sounds uncannily like Elvis at moments on this song.

Son of a Gun
The Vaselines
The Way of the Vaselines
Comments: Kurt Cobain's favorite band. Something tells me that guy had good taste. A lot of the Vaselines songs are littered with blatant sexual innuendo or reference. This is devoid of any of this.

Fool Like Me
King Khan And His Shrines
Three Hairs and Your Mine
Comments: King Khan does 60's soul better than anyone these days. Then again he is also the only one doing soul these days.

Train Ride Home

Jack of Diamonds

The Daily Flash


Comments: Harmonica driven psych folk. Not terribly interesting.

Black Coffee

Black Flag

Slip It In

Comments: Anger and coffee feeding me, is probably the best line from this song. When I first heard this song I wrongly thought Black Flag was trying to do the Descendents thing with coffee. But it was all in my mind. One thing that is cool about this is Ginn's solo. I think this is where he thoought he could turn this Black sabbath dirge into the sound that became the horrible Gone.

Heartbreak Stroll

The Raveonettes

Chain Gang of Love

Comments: This is a prime example of their brand of fuzzed out pop.


Thee Headcoats

Headcoats Down

Comments: Patrick Tangney introduced me to Billy Childish about 20 years ago. After countless albums and in carnatios this is by far my favorite song.


The Ettes

Shake the Dust

Comments: this trio just released their allbum. They have a big sound for a three piece. This particular song is almost metal, but holds back just enough to keep it garage.



Bomp/Alive Sampler

Comments: I discovere Mark Sultan's BBQ last year when I was reading something about Les Sexareenos. When I heard that his BBQ project was a one man band I was a little interested. What I found was a great mix of soul and R&B, with a dash of punk. If you like 60's music check this out.

Token Entry

Token Entry

Jaybird: This came out in 1989 on the Roadrunner hardcore imprint Hawker Records. It was so different than FBTS and so amazing. Token Entry was a little different than the moshcore that dominated the NYHC scene in the late 80's. On two sucessive albums they pushed the limit. What sucked was that the band imploded not long after this album was released. They released another album, but it wasn't the same.


American Standard

The New american Standard Classics

Comments: American Standard were a little something different from NJ. I finally got all there albums this year. This track comes off their last album. It's amazing when you listen to all of them and realize that they really honed a sound that no one has been able to duplicate (see Garden Variety) to any great effect.

Division Street


War All the Time

Comments: coming off there mediocre second album, this song has some amazing riffs and is of the better songs. Still its plagued by to many time changes and shift in tempo. Everytime I listen to it I can't help but think of Streets. This was a metal club in New Rochelle in the 80's, which was located on Division Street.. Lights Out!

Long Distance

Original Sinners


Comments: Exene Cervenka got a new backing band for her second outing with the Original Sinners. This resulted in a less intense album. This song sounds exactly like Ghost Rider. As usual Exene's vocals are flawless.

Optical Sound

The Human Expression


Comments: on of the truly "psychedelic" moments of the first Nuggets boxed set.

Manhattan Bridge to 42nd Street

Tiger Army
III: Ghost Tigers Rise
Comments: I am really interested in where Nick 13 goes with Tiger Army. This song is punk tinged Rock-a-billy. He can also pull out some monster riffs. Either way I am there.

The Beatles
Comments: I like the laid back groove of this song, but this isn't one of my favorites.

Dick Johnson
Pussy Galore
Live: In The Red
Comments: I have never been terribly impressed with this live set from Cb's.

Full Collapse
Comments: The first 30 seconds of this song is weak. Then it ramps up into a pretty good scream song. I guess the song title says it all.

Thee Headcoats
Beached Earls
Comments: a nice boring instrumental.

Fact or Fiction?

Pretty Debris
The Steppes
Harps And Hammers
Fact or Fiction? Upon the release of Harps and Hammer Ann Wilson of Heart noticed the bass line to this song is actually the riff to Heart classic, "Barracuda". As a struggling band they could not afford legal representation and fled to Ireland.

All My Feelings Denied
Thee Headcoats
Beached Earls
Fact or Fiction? This song was originally written for The Milkshakes. The song itself is a love song from Billy Childish to Micky Hampshire. When Billy presented it to Micky, Micky responded, "What are ya, a Puf? You stupid c@*t!"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Show Your Bones
Fact or Fiction? Karen O, self proclaimed Dudley Moore fan, wrote this love song. The song references a dream she had where she had sex with Moore all over the Maps.

Black Magic
Change Today
Fact or Fiction? Joe Wood was married to Jack Grisham's sister. Joe succeeded Jack as lead singer for T.S.O.L. Both are points of contention for both men until this day.

Fact or Fiction? Walter Schreifels Ghost wrote all the songs on the Revelation EP and credited them to his friend Civ.

I'm Tired of Life
Dance With Me
Fact or Fiction? Jack Grisham quit T.S.O.L. In the early 80's because their record label Enigma would not pony up for their mascara.

The Process of Weeding Out
Black Flag
Black Flag: Live 84
Fact or Fiction? In a passive-aggressive move to keep Rollins off the stage for 1/6th of the Black Flag set, Greg Ginn wrote this eight minute stoner rock gem. Inadvertently establishing the roots of Gone. Notably, the rhythm section of Gone would go on to defect to the first incarnation of the Rollins Band.

You My Flower
The Afghan Whigs
Up In It
Fact or Fiction? Greg Dulli proclaimed after signing with Sub Pop that The Whigs were more popular than Jesus... In Ohio... In Cincinnati... Okay at least in that dingy club that they were discovered in.

Jet Pilot
System of a Down
Fact or Fiction? Vocalist Serj Tankian has an unusual fear of horses.

These Days
Lifes's Rich Pageant
Fact or Fiction? Drummer Bil Berry wanted to quit after this album to become a computer programmer. The band convinced him to stay on until he decided to become a farmer.

After the Manhattan Bridge

And You'll Say
Urge Overkill
Exit the Dragon
Comments: This was a great album and this song advanced UO as songwriters. Too bad this album got trashed back in the day.

Make You Mine
The Fondas
Runaway Bombshell
Comments: The Fondas craft great Detroit songs. There are 5 great songs on Runaway Bombshell. This is one of the great songs. Although the piano during the middle of the song is really annoying. Luckily someone only got to play with it for 30 seconds.

Childs Death. Letter
Thee Headcoats
Headcoats Down
Comments: Billy Childish does hillbilly music. I thin Glenn Danzig stole this riff for a song on Circle of Snakes.

Strong Come On
Popular Favorites
Comments: The Ultimate party/ bar song. I'm a Coming, coming for you!

Whorehoppin (Shit, Goddamn)
Eagles Of Death Metal
Peace Love Death Metal
Comments: Jesse Hughes gets horny and puts it too a beat.

Eleanor Rigby
The Beatles
Comments: in light of Paul's recent marital troubles, this would be the perfect theme song for him now. Poor Paul, getting taken out to the shack by that one legged wonder.

Coffin Lids
Rock N Roll
Comments: I wouldn't put this up against Los Straightjackets worst song.

Dead From The Neck Up
Riverboat Gamblers
Something to Crow About
Comments: We will never know what happened between the Gamblers first and second album, but something clicked.