duminică, 23 ianuarie 2011

Fact or Fiction?

Pretty Debris
The Steppes
Harps And Hammers
Fact or Fiction? Upon the release of Harps and Hammer Ann Wilson of Heart noticed the bass line to this song is actually the riff to Heart classic, "Barracuda". As a struggling band they could not afford legal representation and fled to Ireland.

All My Feelings Denied
Thee Headcoats
Beached Earls
Fact or Fiction? This song was originally written for The Milkshakes. The song itself is a love song from Billy Childish to Micky Hampshire. When Billy presented it to Micky, Micky responded, "What are ya, a Puf? You stupid c@*t!"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Show Your Bones
Fact or Fiction? Karen O, self proclaimed Dudley Moore fan, wrote this love song. The song references a dream she had where she had sex with Moore all over the Maps.

Black Magic
Change Today
Fact or Fiction? Joe Wood was married to Jack Grisham's sister. Joe succeeded Jack as lead singer for T.S.O.L. Both are points of contention for both men until this day.

Fact or Fiction? Walter Schreifels Ghost wrote all the songs on the Revelation EP and credited them to his friend Civ.

I'm Tired of Life
Dance With Me
Fact or Fiction? Jack Grisham quit T.S.O.L. In the early 80's because their record label Enigma would not pony up for their mascara.

The Process of Weeding Out
Black Flag
Black Flag: Live 84
Fact or Fiction? In a passive-aggressive move to keep Rollins off the stage for 1/6th of the Black Flag set, Greg Ginn wrote this eight minute stoner rock gem. Inadvertently establishing the roots of Gone. Notably, the rhythm section of Gone would go on to defect to the first incarnation of the Rollins Band.

You My Flower
The Afghan Whigs
Up In It
Fact or Fiction? Greg Dulli proclaimed after signing with Sub Pop that The Whigs were more popular than Jesus... In Ohio... In Cincinnati... Okay at least in that dingy club that they were discovered in.

Jet Pilot
System of a Down
Fact or Fiction? Vocalist Serj Tankian has an unusual fear of horses.

These Days
Lifes's Rich Pageant
Fact or Fiction? Drummer Bil Berry wanted to quit after this album to become a computer programmer. The band convinced him to stay on until he decided to become a farmer.