duminică, 23 ianuarie 2011

After the Manhattan Bridge

And You'll Say
Urge Overkill
Exit the Dragon
Comments: This was a great album and this song advanced UO as songwriters. Too bad this album got trashed back in the day.

Make You Mine
The Fondas
Runaway Bombshell
Comments: The Fondas craft great Detroit songs. There are 5 great songs on Runaway Bombshell. This is one of the great songs. Although the piano during the middle of the song is really annoying. Luckily someone only got to play with it for 30 seconds.

Childs Death. Letter
Thee Headcoats
Headcoats Down
Comments: Billy Childish does hillbilly music. I thin Glenn Danzig stole this riff for a song on Circle of Snakes.

Strong Come On
Popular Favorites
Comments: The Ultimate party/ bar song. I'm a Coming, coming for you!

Whorehoppin (Shit, Goddamn)
Eagles Of Death Metal
Peace Love Death Metal
Comments: Jesse Hughes gets horny and puts it too a beat.

Eleanor Rigby
The Beatles
Comments: in light of Paul's recent marital troubles, this would be the perfect theme song for him now. Poor Paul, getting taken out to the shack by that one legged wonder.

Coffin Lids
Rock N Roll
Comments: I wouldn't put this up against Los Straightjackets worst song.

Dead From The Neck Up
Riverboat Gamblers
Something to Crow About
Comments: We will never know what happened between the Gamblers first and second album, but something clicked.