duminică, 23 ianuarie 2011

Train Ride Home

Jack of Diamonds

The Daily Flash


Comments: Harmonica driven psych folk. Not terribly interesting.

Black Coffee

Black Flag

Slip It In

Comments: Anger and coffee feeding me, is probably the best line from this song. When I first heard this song I wrongly thought Black Flag was trying to do the Descendents thing with coffee. But it was all in my mind. One thing that is cool about this is Ginn's solo. I think this is where he thoought he could turn this Black sabbath dirge into the sound that became the horrible Gone.

Heartbreak Stroll

The Raveonettes

Chain Gang of Love

Comments: This is a prime example of their brand of fuzzed out pop.


Thee Headcoats

Headcoats Down

Comments: Patrick Tangney introduced me to Billy Childish about 20 years ago. After countless albums and in carnatios this is by far my favorite song.


The Ettes

Shake the Dust

Comments: this trio just released their allbum. They have a big sound for a three piece. This particular song is almost metal, but holds back just enough to keep it garage.



Bomp/Alive Sampler

Comments: I discovere Mark Sultan's BBQ last year when I was reading something about Les Sexareenos. When I heard that his BBQ project was a one man band I was a little interested. What I found was a great mix of soul and R&B, with a dash of punk. If you like 60's music check this out.

Token Entry

Token Entry

Jaybird: This came out in 1989 on the Roadrunner hardcore imprint Hawker Records. It was so different than FBTS and so amazing. Token Entry was a little different than the moshcore that dominated the NYHC scene in the late 80's. On two sucessive albums they pushed the limit. What sucked was that the band imploded not long after this album was released. They released another album, but it wasn't the same.


American Standard

The New american Standard Classics

Comments: American Standard were a little something different from NJ. I finally got all there albums this year. This track comes off their last album. It's amazing when you listen to all of them and realize that they really honed a sound that no one has been able to duplicate (see Garden Variety) to any great effect.

Division Street


War All the Time

Comments: coming off there mediocre second album, this song has some amazing riffs and is of the better songs. Still its plagued by to many time changes and shift in tempo. Everytime I listen to it I can't help but think of Streets. This was a metal club in New Rochelle in the 80's, which was located on Division Street.. Lights Out!

Long Distance

Original Sinners


Comments: Exene Cervenka got a new backing band for her second outing with the Original Sinners. This resulted in a less intense album. This song sounds exactly like Ghost Rider. As usual Exene's vocals are flawless.

Optical Sound

The Human Expression


Comments: on of the truly "psychedelic" moments of the first Nuggets boxed set.